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Founded in 1983, Rampart Investment Management Company is a registered investment adviser with offices in Boston and New York. Rampart is an affiliate of Virtus Investment Partners (NASDAQ: VRTS), a collection of specialized investment management firms.

Systematic strategies are our core competency and primary focus. As evidence of the breadth and depth of our expertise, Rampart contributed to the development of the CBOE (Chicago Board Option Exchange) S&P 500 BuyWrite Index (BXM℠) and was the first licensee of this product.

We manage assets for institutions and individuals, as well as several 1940 Act funds. Our strategies, both standalone and as overlays on existing portfolios, reflect the diverse needs of our clients, which range from income and total return to risk mitigation. All of our processes are disciplined, systematic, and rules based.

As an affiliate of Virtus, we benefit from access to shared distribution, and operational and administrative support, which allows us to focus on investment management and, at the same time, to preserve our culture and approach.


We offer specialized investment services to a broad spectrum of institutional and high-net-worth clients and are accustomed to working with their consultants and financial advisors. 

We work with each client individually to develop and implement a systematic and disciplined investment methodology that strives to meet specific challenges and objectives. 


Our team consists of dedicated and experienced investment professionals. While highly developed mathematical processes drive our strategies, our professionals transform that technology into effective solutions for our clients.

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