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All of our strategies follow a disciplined, systematic, and rules-based approach. Our experience, coupled with our proprietary technology platforms, enable us to provide customized solutions to the investment challenges that our clients face.

Institutional Investments

Portable Yield Strategy

The Portable Yield Strategy (PYS) seeks to provide a steady level of incremental income (option premium) through the systematic writing of index-based call and put spreads.

  • The strategy requires no initial funding by the client.
  • The use of spreads has an objective of a pre-defined maximum risk budget on outstanding positions.
  • The return stream is independent of the beta source.

Concentrated Stock Overlay

The Concentrated Stock Overlay (CSO) strategy is a dynamic option strategy that seeks to help an investor increase the productivity of a concentrated equity position by generating a new income stream (option premium) from writing call options on the underlying equity position.

As a tradeoff, the investor must be willing to forego potential upside appreciation (the opportunity risk).

Mutual Funds Managed by Rampart

Virtus Rampart Alternatives Diversifier Fund
Virtus Rampart Multi-Asset Trend Fund
Virtus Rampart Sector Trend Fund
Virtus Rampart Enhanced Core Equity Fund

Exchange Traded Fund Managed by Rampart

Virtus Enhanced Short U.S. Equity ETF

Closed-End Funds

Virtus Global Dividend & Income Fund Inc.
Virtus Global Multi-Sector Income Fund
Virtus Total Return Fund Inc.